Some things I miss…

So I’m sittin’ here alone in my room listening to the Sons of Bill song “Back to the Time” and thinking about a lot of the things I miss about being at home myself, so I thought I’d make a list (in no particular order).

1.) Egg salad sandwiches.  They’re like… NOWHERE to be found over here.  It’s almost like if it’s not in fried rice or an omelet, the Koreans don’t know how to mix up an egg.

2.) Walks with my friends out about town at like… 3am.  Stupid curfew.  This is the only country that the Army has permanent posts in that has a curfew in effect.  Did you know that?  Oh sure, I could walk around on post that late, but it’s not the same.

3.) Driving.  I don’t even have anywhere to go, really, but I miss driving.  It’s the freedom it grants that makes me feel good.  I’m gonna need to buy me a car when I get home.

4.) Sheetz.  Don’t laugh, you’d miss it too if it wasn’t around all of a sudden.  Sausage, egg, and cheese biscuits right at your fingertips (literally) and a cold Jones soda in the cooler.  Hard to beat that when you want a quick snack.

5.) My guns.  I want to go to the range soooooo badly, but the Army thinks that I’m gonna shoot myself in the foot if I’m not wearing an IBA and Kevlar helmet to protect myself.  Forget all those hours I put in at various ranges before joining, they don’t count.

6.) My tomahawks.  Any tool with an edge bigger than 3 or 4 inches is a WEAPON OF DEATH over here, regardless of their intended use.  Well… as far as the MPs are concerned.  As an aside, not a single one of my hawks/hatchets has greater than about a 3.5″ sharpened edge.  Civilians can have them in their houses, but not us trained killers.  Nope.  We might get drunk and chop each other to death in a round-robin tournament.

7.) Strip Clubs.  I didn’t frequent them (quite the opposite, really) back home, but you would see them everywhere.  It’s weird not seeing them while out and about.  Plenty of clubs, but no strip clubs.  Maybe I’m just not going to the right areas… hmm…  Anyways, just seeing one kind of makes you grin.  Don’t lie… you know it does.

8.) Pets.  There are soldiers who have them over here, but they’re not suppose to.  I sure as hell can’t get away with it (having a roommate and all).  For a person who likes animals and is use to having them in their place of residence, it’s tough being away from those fuzzy little critters.  You can bet your ass that I’m buying me a dark red-haired golden retriever puppy when I finally get a place to myself after my med-board is over and done with.  I’m going to name him (it’ll be a he) Chewbacca (“Chewie” for short… duh) and he’ll be best friends with my Ninja kitty (seeing as how she loves big dogs).

I think that’s about all for now.  Obviously I miss my friends (I said that earlier), but this list wasn’t about that, as you can now see.

Catch you on the flip side.


One Response

  1. i just can’t eat egg salad sandwiches after watching shomo eat 5 of them in a row….. *shudders*

    i also miss those walks last one we had was when you were in

    i am a vary vocal supporter of sheets as they give you free coffee on christmas and new years and they are always open. plus i find myself very irritated with the iphone. people are like wow you can touch the screen how cool and new is that and i’m like hey asshat you have been able to touch the screen at sheets for year and they give you a sandwich.. does your iphone give me a sandwich?? no it does not. therefor sheets > iphone

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