Bizarro, I’m helping!

When you work for the Command Sergeant Major as his personal aide, you’re bound to have some busy days. This was one of those days. Especially this afternoon. For instance, I seriously think that I ran (ok… hobbled quickly) back and forth from my desk to our S-1 shop (which, mind you, requires going through the latrine [restroom, for you civilian-types… hehe]) about eight times in four minutes. Not only was I going back and forth, but every time I came back to my desk, I was calling the CSM and updating him with info.

Now, you might ask, “Ryan, why didn’t you just use a phone in the S-1 shop?” and that would be a mighty good question. The answer is, “Because I had to access information on my computer.” Information I gathered from the project that I’ve been working on for the CSM (the project he complimented me on yesterday). It was actually pretty cool. I’ve only got a basic “skeleton crew” of coding and info entered, but I WAS STILL ABLE TO USE IT! It’s already that cool and it’s not even done yet! I even got to make our S-1 NCOIC (Non-Commissioned Officer In Charge) look a little stupid (good thing? bad thing? you decide) by sending a new soldier to a company that was at 300% strength for that MOS while our company actually needed one! Of course, with the last phone call to the CSM, I explained all this to him, at which point he cut me off and said, “Horst, I’ve heard enough. You go tell them to get that soldier and send them to [HHC] instead of Alpha Company. If they have any questions about it, you tell them to call me!” I felt vindicated. And useful. I’m gonna be very excited when this project is actually finished. Maybe I’ll get an award… or one of those cool new belt buckles the CSM just had made… hmm…

Doubt it.

Now excuse me while I go eat an Easy-Cheese-filled Bugle.


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