I’m not a doctor… I just play one on tv.

Man, I’m just full of stuff to say today, huh?

Well, this is more of a, “just for the record” kind of blog than an opinion or other personal adventure. I figured I’d let you all know exactly what the “good doctors” here say about my knee (and ankle). So here goes.


Asymmetrical mild increase of bony uptake in L patella, medial condyle and lateral aspect of proximal metadiaphyseal transitional zone of L tibia. The medial condyle of L femur, clinically informed, is obscured by L patella showing increased uptake.

Focal moderate increase of uptake in medial malleolus of L ankle.


Rec) Please RO stress or degenerative reactions of the bons of L knee. Comparison with X-ray views of L ankle.


(there’s nothing written here… how nice)

So there you have it, straight from the REPORT on my CT scan. I don’t have a clue what any of that means, and my PA says, “It just means that where you say you have pain, you actually do. It just verifies you’re not lying. However, I have no idea what is causing the bony uptake.”



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