Oh, they’re coming… and they’ll lie about it, too!

Ok, I was done blogging for today, I really was.  I was just sittin’ here at my computer, perusing through Fark for some interesting headlines, and came across…


Now, the coming robot invasion is something you’ll hear me warn everyone about now and then.  Heck, I just read an article in Maxim magazine (ok, well, a buddy told me about it… but he read the article) that sex with robots is viable within the next five years.  This is one of those “now” instances, because this is a large and very dangerous development.  Robots that can lie.  Oh sure, it says something at the bottom about how there’s a few “hero” robots, too, that ID the “poison” and then bravely die so the rest of their clan may live, but who freaking cares?  The simple fact remains that there are robots capable of lying… to each other, no less!

I’m telling you people… this is why we need armor piercing ammunition.  For when the robots come.

Stock up.  I am.


One Response

  1. so your saying they can lie to us and to each other and in the future we may be able to have sex with them and they function on some foreign form of processing that doesn’t make sense to us…. hate to break it to you my friend but they are among us they are also known as women. you may have heard of them or read about them in articles 🙂

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