Just following orders, sir.

You know what’s actually great about the Army?  Every now and then, it’s a real pleasure to follow orders.  Like today, it came down from on high – from the FULL BIRD COLONEL himself – that every available soldier was to drop what they were doing and go to the Iron Triangle (a restaurant/club in our brigade) and watch the cheerleaders perform.  I don’t even remember what NFL team they were from.  I wanna say Rams, but I could be wrong.

As my luck would have it though, by the time I was actually available to drop what I was doing (hard to get times like that when you work for the CSM) and make it over to the club, they were just finishing up their last short demo performance.  I only got to see a few good moves and a few of the girls introduce themselves.  Pretty cute, but I guess that’s the catch if you wanna be a cheerleader for the NFL.  I think the full show is tomorrow night, though.  There’s also another NFL team of cheerleaders coming the day after, but I really don’t remember who they are.

Anyways, the point is, following orders isn’t always so bad.  🙂


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