Old Korean women = stubborn mules

Now, let me elaborate.  There’s this older Korean woman who runs the KATUSA Snack Bar (aka. Korean Canteen) here on Hovey who comes in about every other week with something new that the CSM or LTC have to sign, and undoubtedly it has to be done in like, TWO DAYS or some other ridiculously short amount of time.  She also always insists that my bosses sign it, then she gets it back and takes it to their bosses to sign, and so on.  Her paperwork gets lost a lot when she does that.

So yesterday she brings in some paperwork to get signed (needs it today, mind you) and leaves, telling the CSM that everything he needs is in the packet she gave him.  That, of course, was a lie.  So today when she comes back and it’s not signed, she literally starts to throw a temper tantrum and starts rattling off in Korean.  The CSM slowly explains that he just needs a gentleman’s phone number and name so that he can call and verify some information.  She leaves and comes back after about an hour (this afternoon) and gives it to the CSM’s driver (buddy of mine) because the CSM was in a meeting with the commander.  Shortly after this meeting is over, they both leave because they have a Korean New Year’s celebration to go to down on another post.

See how I didn’t mention the number getting passed off and the CSM calling the guy?  That’s because it didn’t happen.

So, sure enough, right around close of business today, this old crow comes back in wanting her paperwork.  I was left fighting with her and even had to call the CSM to find out what he wanted me to do with her.  Well, after listening to me fight with her and try to explain that she wasn’t getting her paperwork today for like 10 minutes, he hung up.  Minutes later, two Korean soldiers come running to my rescue and manage to explain that she has to come in tomorrow to get her paperwork.

Moral of the story: our KATUSA soldiers rock, and old Korean women do not.


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