Interesting encounter last night

So my buddy Dietrich and I are walking back to the subway station last night in Itaewon and we see this woman about our age up ahead of us walking. Well, we were walking faster than she was, so we began to catch up to her, at which point it became apparent that she was carrying something in her arms. As it turned out, she was headed in the same direction as we were, so we all headed to the crosswalk and began conversing with small talk.

She was pretty cute [shorter, brown-blond hair, freckled, glasses], but to help matters, she was carrying the CUTEST little black boy in her arms. He couldn’t have been more than maybe seven weeks old! He had adorable big brown eyes. She (never did get her name) told us that she wanted to take him out for a stroll since it was so nice out, but that he wasn’t enjoying it much. She asked my buddy and I if were were in the Army, to which we replied that we were but are stationed up north near Camp Casey (bigger, more recognizable name than Camp Hovey).

Now, you don’t see many soldiers with little ones on post, so I asked her if she was a student here. (It should be noted that at this point my buddy Dietrich has said pretty much nothing, but is giving me quite a big grin.) She shook her head and said she was in the Army, too, but was able to live off post because she was married. She did make a point of telling me (us?) that she wasn’t anymore, though.

Right about this time, we have crossed the street (it was a long light) and my buddy Dietrich has begun to break off towards the nearby subway station stairs while this girl was still (it was determined later) flirting with me and walking the other direction. So me, seeing no real point to argue the matter with my friend, said a quick goodbye and hobbled to meet him by the stairs. What does he say when I get there? “That… that was going somewhere, wasn’t it?”

*sigh* Oh well. Guess we’ll never know. Not that it actually matters.

Catch you on the flip side.

P.S. I forgot a key point. She wasn’t carrying a human, she was carrying a Labrador retriever. Did I give the wrong impression? 😀


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