When you’re right 98% of the time…

So the CSM calls me in to the S-1 shop today.  He’s hanging out in there trying to help S-1 figure out where to put this new SSG they got in (who, mind you, looked like a witch.  Complete with weird gray-black she-mullet and overly-tanned wrinkled skin on her face).  He asks me to go get the “authorized” roster for HHC BDE.  I run off to do my job and realize I don’t have a separate roster.  So what do I do?

I use my new spiffy program which has all the numbers built in to it, that’s what!  I print it off and take it to him, and he immediately questions whether it’s basically real or not because he can’t find the extra “authorized” SSG slot in supply that my numbers say exists.  LOL.  I assure him that these are the correct numbers, so he goes back and checks.  Sure enough, he finds it.  I get a “NOT ONE WORD” glance and smirk from him as he hands me back the printed roster.

Vindicated!  I love my job.  And being smart.  And being right 98% of the time.  Usually.

Catch you on the flip side.


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