More ramblings from today

So, I also got fired today… twice!  Neither of which actually resulted in me losing my job.  It just makes the CSM feel better to yell out, “Horst!  You’re fired!”

The first time was for not sending him a text message or a reminder or anything about a meeting that he had to go to (which was highlighted on his little pocket calendar I print for him every week), so he was late leaving for it.  The second time was about 15 minutes later when he walked back in to the office after driving back across post because he didn’t have to be at that particular meeting.  Why he had me put it on his schedule is beyond me, but whatever.  Haha.

I still love my job.  😀


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  1. i one time went on a spree yelling “clean out your desk your fired” at 7 of my coworkers only one of them seemed upset. i did hire back one of them at severely reduced pay.

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