New trick knee

So, my knee has started this new trick I like to call “Electric Knives of Stabbing Pain”.  Started a few days ago.  When the spasms hit, it sort of feels like someone has a dagger hooked up to a taser (trust me, I know what they feel like), has it shoved under the top of my kneecap, and is trying to pop it away from my knee.   This usually lasts for about a minute, then goes back to my normal throbbing pain (which, mind you, is much more bearable after these episodes).  I’ve been getting them a few times an hour.  This happened for six hours straight last night before I went to bed.  Boy… that was fun.  It got so bad at times that I do believe I was actually sweating.

My mom says to go see the doctor and tell him about the new development.  Well guess what, mom?  I’m 26 and your son (which means stubborn), so I ain’t doin’ it!  Well… that, and I don’t want them to start my discharge paperwork early.  I need all this Korea money I can get!

Catch you on the flip side.


5 Responses

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun…….. not! Well anyway, you know your mom is right. Just try not to hold out too long on going to the doctor, it could just make things worse for you.

  2. you never go to the doc when you should…. it always takes me and josh to drag your ass to the hospital or to the ER when you are defeated by a pair of pants. well josh and i aren’t there so go to the doc

  3. hell if I have to I will get figalora to let me in your room and then I will drag you by your pants in a way you won’t enjoy.

  4. Haha, I’m calling 1LT Driver tomorrow, I promise! Hopefully I’ll get in to see him on Tuesday.

  5. Damn…. I wanted to sneak in your room……… I mean… um…. *clears throat* very good then… I won’t have to…… torture you….. *makes mock serious face with head movement*

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