Cabbie Propaganda

So both Camp Casey and Camp Hovey have recently started letting the civilian cab company come on post to create competition for the AAFES (Army/Air Force Exchange Service) cab company (military owned, Korean driven). Now, notoriously, these two companies hate each other (to, literally, the point of fighting), so most of the soldiers have been waiting for the war to start. It’s already in the beginning stages.

Take for instance my ride home from the commissary today in an AAFES cab. We passed one of these civilian cabs, and myself being the good little HUMINT Collector that I am, decided to “feel out the local population” (It’s always fun when I get to use some training from AIT). I ask him how he feels about the other cabbies being on post.

Boy did I open up a can of worms. You would have thought he was talking about the commies up North. He rattled on about how the drivers are all crazy and how the cars they drive are extremely dangerous because they have a gas tank in the trunk and if someone hits them then the car will explode and I’ll die and that I shouldn’t ride in them because they’re extremely dangerous (he said this several times). Then he said that he was giving me good advice and that I should tell all my friends not to ride in those cabs.

So there you have it. If I stop posting all of a sudden, it’s probably because I got blown up in a civilian cab during the Cabbie Wars here on post. Tell my family I love them, and tell Keith that I hate him (I know you’re reading this, asshat). 😀

Catch you on the flip side.


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