Just another reason I love forums

So I’ve been wracking my brain for the past several days trying to figure out a few lines of code to use in my Excel program I’m finishing up for the CSM. I tried to experiment with some different ones, but they weren’t working. Tried using the help files, too, but still no such luck. So I ask the S-6 NCOIC (he’s in charge of computers and communications equipment) if he can help me out and he tells me that he’ll burn me a help disc for Excel tonight. I figure that’ll be good enough after I finish talking to him, but sure enough when I get back to my room I can’t stop trying to figure it out.

So what do I do? I find myself an Excel message forum! It was great, like it was meant for me! haha. I sign up and post my predicament, and literally like half an hour later I had a moderator guru post with a reply suggestion. Through our conversation, we were able to modify his original coding and figure out what I needed! Now my program is not just bad-ass, but SUPER bad-ass! The CSMs gonna love me! Wooooooooooo!

Catch you on the flip side.


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  1. i hate excel lol

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