Doctor’s visit today

So I finally got in to see my physician’s assistant today at the Combined Troop Aid Station.  He was able to tell me what “bony uptake” is, finally.  It’s basically callouses on your bones… made up by more bone.  So I’ve got extra bone in my knee caused by… who knows what?!  Either way, at least that little query is over with.

However, he did say since I’ve been having the spasms, he wants to go ahead and start the ball rolling on my discharge paperwork.  See, I told everyone this would happen if I went back to him!  Now who knows how many months of good pay I might lose out on.  ARGH!!!  This puts a kink in my financial plans, and I don’t like it when that happens…


3 Responses

  1. *makes sad puppy face* I’m sorry…? ……..I love you? Just think you may have to put up with me in formation since CSM sends you now……….. btw don’t forget to tell him I have his cards. Thank you, dear! ^_^

  2. Sad puppy faces do nothing for me. Now if you’d have said something like *makes sad “Puss in Boots” face*, that might have done it. LOL

  3. well it may put a crimp in your financial plans but perhaps it will help your plans to um walk or be able to sleep without pain plans. plus the sooner you get back here the sooner we can play dnd. oh and if you get back around the time my lease comes up would you be interested in a roommate?

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