Another four-day weekend, readers

Yep, it’s that time again. Time for another Army alloted four-day weekend. I think I might have worked one or two full weeks so far in 2008. Pretty cool, huh? I ask you, what other profession gives you this kind of time off? Of course there is that clause about them owning your ass and you could die, but hey, here’s a four-day weekend to make up for it!

Not much planned for the weekend. I think my buddy D (that’s what I call Dietrich) and I are gonna go back down to Itaewon and eat some more awesome calamari at Outback. Is it bad that I am eating seafood in an American restaurant in a foreign country that thrives on seafood? Oh well, I don’t care. It was some damn good calamari (especially with the Bloomin’ Onion sauce for dip)! Besides, I’ve had it from an actual Korean restaurant, too, so it’s not like I’m avoiding it.

Anyway, we’re probably gonna get hour-long massages at a place right nearby, too. I could sure use one. And before you ask (or insinuate), yes, it’s a legitimate massage parlor. I don’t believe my Mormon buddy D would take me to any other type… despite my requests. Haha. Just kidding… totally…

Other than that, I’m just glad the actual weekend is here. Despite being a short week, it sure managed to take forever! Maybe I was just busier than normal, or had a bunch of crap weighing on my mind, but still.

Well, I’m off to… do… nothing. How pathetic. :-/ Catch you on the flip side.


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