Ode to a Mustache Gone

Well, the results are in. After only about 13 and a half hours of being back to work after the four-day weekend, I’ve gotten more comments about my missing mustache than I’ve heard anyone ever mention. The general consensus is that I look much better with it gone. Even the CSM said so (but he’s clean shaven and bald, so I’m not sure he counts). It’s not bad, and using my electric razor it doesn’t really hurt, so I might keep it up for a while. After all, the mustache is only a week/weekend away if I really want it back.

Here’s a pic of my buddy D and I (in that order, left to right) with me sans mustache:

Cold Stone warmup

Now granted, I do have a little stubble, but you get the idea.

Anyways, catch you all on the flip side.


3 Responses

  1. Awww, you look like Ryan again! I knew he was hiding under that facial hair somewhere.
    You also look a lot more like your brothers without it! You can decide whether that is good or bad 🙂

  2. you look better without the facial hair.

  3. looks good. I usually prefer men without them anyway. i vote for it being gone.

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