Nope. Can’t have eyeware. Not yours.

So, my three driver buddies and I go to the CIF (Central Issue Facility) today in the hopes of obtaining our suppose-to-be-issued Oakley’s, plus some other miscellaneous stuff that a few of them needed.  I, for one, “needed” the new issue winter boots that, incidentally, I get to keep when I leave here.  😀

I also wanted my “issue” ballistic eyeware that I was suppose to get when I first got here almost a year ago.  The LTC threw a fit when he heard that not everyone was getting these, so he called CIF and told them this better change.   He’s really big into firearms qualification and the associated safety precautions.

So, it gets to be my turn in line, and I let the Korean worker behind the desk know why my buddies and I are there.  What’s he say?

“No sunglasses.”

Rats.  I figured this might happen.  So, I say ok, and ask for the ballistic eyeware.

“No eyeware.”

Huh… didn’t expect that.  Ok… um… so you’re telling me that you have no sunglasses or ballistic eyeware at all.  When will you get some in?

*shrugs*  “Don’t know.”

I ask if he has any goggles.

“No.  No goggles.”

So, apparently the Army has given up on wanting soldiers to protect their eyes at the firing range… or from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.  News flash, Army!  Blindness is NOT a soldier’s friend.

I want my damn Oakleys.  😦


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