Birthday & Christmas Came Late – Part 2

Got my second box today, plus an extra something from the Army – a surprise half-day!

It’s like a Richard Dean Anderson-fest here in my room. MacGyver last night, and today I got the complete series of Stargate: SG-1!

I got two, count them TWO, more boxes of Vienna Sausages! (Just for the record, you can never have too many cans of Vienna Sausages.  I think I’ve said this before…)

Something else I got that I really like was the folder that had a bunch of printed pictures of my niece. She’s sooooo cute! Her hand was even traced on the outside of the folder the pics came in.

Don’t laugh… it’s adorable.

I also finally got a pair of khakis I ordered last May from LL Bean. They were suppose to be for my birthday, but I guess late is better than never. At least they fit well and look just plain sharp. I think it’s a little past the return time by now.

Ooooooh, I also got a “Jack” fund in a card courtesy of my mom. She wanted to send a bottle, but was worried about customs and jail time or some crap. Either way, there’s a big ol’ bottle o’ Jack Daniels in my future! Woooooo!

Catch you all on the flip side. Happy Birthday/Merry Christmas to me!


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