And so the cache begins

Look what’s on its way to me… TIMES 40!

Yes, you read correctly. That’s 2,000 rounds. Amongst the 5.7mm users, this round seems to be the best for personal defense (baring the SS190 round). And they’re not actually being sent to me here, but rather to my family back home. They’ll store it for safe keeping till I get a chance to come home and use it. I haven’t actually decided if I want to use any of this cache or save it just in case Hillary gets into power (she and the Brady Bunch don’t like this round, so I may need to stock up). I can always buy some more between now and when I get home to actually use for range time.

I’ve also got another 100 rounds that are of the “armor piercing” variety (unless you ask the BATF&E), plus some miscellaneous other rounds from my 5.7mm ammo dealer in Texas to sample. Fun stuff – subsonic, incendiary, tracer, his new AP round, and whatever else he decides to throw in. 🙂 Got a good deal on it all, too. Don’t ask, ’cause I ain’t tellin’. 😛


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