Massage and a haircut…

So I’ve decided that this is a practice that needs to be carried over to the States (I’m looking at you, Sisser!). Here in South Korea, after you get a haircut, you get a massage. Some are longer than others. I happen to be lucky in the sense that the closest barber shop to my barracks also gives the best/longest massages, and the Korean lady is pretty. 🙂

Korean massages are a little different than American massages, though. First off, they do a lot of chopping, slapping, and hitting your back with cupped hands. It feels a lot better than it sounds, though. They also are known to put you in sort of an arm-bar to stretch out your shoulders and the muscles in your arms and chest. Today the woman even cracked my neck while I was sitting up. I’m not sure if I’ve ever had that done before by someone other than myself.

I wonder what else they learn in beauty/massage-ninja school? Either way, I’ll keep going to this place, even if I can’t pay with my card and have to have cash on hand. It’s totally worth it!

Catch you on the flip side.


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  1. I kinda know what your talking about. When I lived in Virginia right beside the Quantico Marine Corp Base I would get my hair cut close to there and afterwards they would massage my shoulders and the back of my neck. It was great.

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