Doesn’t get much better…

So, check this out.  I know several of you already know, but I’ve actually got a 100% beaver-felt fedora on order.  I ordered it last year and have been waiting ever since.  Everyone who knows me can pretty much tell you I’m willing to wait for quality, and it doesn’t get much better than a fedora made by Steve Delk.

Does that name sound familiar?  No?  Probably not unless you have checked out my IndyGear link to the left and hopped over to the forums.  Steve (and his German counterpart, Marc) is making the fedora for the new Indiana Jones movie.  I actually knew he had gotten the gig before it was officially announced since I had been in email communication with Steve bashing (puns are bad… but most of you probably won’t get that one) out the details for my fedora.

Here’s what’s cool.  My fedora is going to be made from the exact same lot of beaver felt blanks as the movie ones were made from, and I have the same size head as Harrison Ford.   Steve has told those of us that had fedoras on order from him would have them before the premier of the new movie.  My hat could have gone to Indy, but instead it’s coming to me.  How cool is that?!  It’s pretty much the ultimate piece of Indiana Jones memorabelia.

Anyone who’s interested can read an article about Steve and the new hat here.


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