Another medical update

Went back to the doc yesterday.  I had an appointment made so I could update her (CPT Cushing, my new PA) about how the original [trial] prescription of Percocet had effected me.  Here’s what I relayed during my meeting:

I have not taken [the Percocet] every day (as a form of pain management), so I have made my existing prescription last.  I have, unfortunately, had to take them two at a time to achieve any noticeable relief (it appears I am also resistant to this medication).  The days I do take the tablets I usually take them multiple times, always as soon the recommended wait time of six hours is up.  I wanted to inquire about the possible need to increase the dosage so that I may not need to take multiple tablets (and thusly a large reoccurring amount of acetaminophen).

She was concerned as well about the Percocet not working at its intended dosage and at the increased dosage that I had began taking it.  So… instead of getting a refill on my Percocet (at a larger dosage), she decided to try me out on something different that will hopefully work better – Morphine Extended Release tablets.

Yep, that’s right.  Morphine.  I didn’t even know the Army issued this stuff!  And guess what readers?  The “single tablet dosage every eight hours” suggestion works about as well as the two tablets of Percocet does – dulls it, but I’ve still got pain.  I’m telling you all, there is something wrong with the centers of my brain that control pain relief or some crap.  I’ve never heard of anyone being this resistant to pain medication of the opiate-type.  Mind you, the dose I’m on is the smallest dose available for this type of prescription, but both CPT Cushing and my old PA, 1LT Driver seemed to think that this should work just fine as it doesn’t get any stronger than morphine.  It was even suggested that I might not need to take the tablet more than every 12 hours instead of every 8.

I’m gonna have to make a call or send an email out to her and ask about what I should do.  My guess?  Double the dosage (which is in a perfectly acceptable range according to several online sources) and/or shorten the interval to six hours.  I’m not a doctor, however… I just play one on tv.

Catch you on the flip side.


3 Responses

  1. that’s nuts that they’re giving you morphine. i thought they only gave that to like ppl dying and in serious accidents. I hope they get your pain reduced – sounds like it sucks pretty bad.

    i hope all is well otherwise.

  2. Morphine is supposed to be that good? Oh…… you don’t want to know this but I was on that, percocet, vicadin, and a mixture of other meds after surgery and I still hurt.

  3. Well crap.

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