Back in Korea

So, I’m back.  Boy was that a long flight, too!  My arms are tired!  Bah dum ching.

Seriously though, that was a LOOOOOOOONG flight.  Something like 15.5 hours or some crap.  I had this whiny-ass two-year-old in front of me who literally cried the 75% of the time.  I did find out that my military issue ear plugs do a good job at keeping out the wailing decibels that I didn’t know it was possible for a child to create, though, so that’s a plus.

Apparently I have been missed terribly by my coworkers, as well.  This makes you feel good about yourself, trust me.  The person who was substituting for me has apparently been driving everyone nuts (haven’t talked to the CSM in detail yet, but I’m gonna find out).  I will refrain from using the person’s name or gender so I hopefully can’t get in trouble.  It is the Army though, so who knows, right?

Anyway, my buddy D was actually so glad to see me, he gave me a hug.  Don’t worry, though, it was totally a man-hug.  My friend Crystal also squealed when she saw me and gave me a hug as well.  It was not a man-hug.  LOL.

I am suffering from some major jet-lag, though.  It’s the middle of the afternoon and all I want to do is take a nap… a long nap… the kind you take at the end of the day… you know, the kind that’s made out of iced coffee?  Wait… sorry, that’s something else entirely.  Man I’m hungry… I mean tired.  I just hope I’m good to go by Monday.

So I may have lied about blogging more while I was at home, but now that I’m back here in Korea with nothing to do with my spare time, I can promise the blogs will be more regular again.  I’m sure I’ll have some fun updates when I get back to work.

Catch you on the flip side.


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  1. *squeak* yay! you talked about me! Anyway, I finally got time to read all your posts and I acted that way cause I missed you. A LOT!

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