Promotion… Demotion? You decide.

So my day starts off well enough.  I go in to the office a little early to see what’s new at my desk.  I got a lot of “Hey, you’re back!” and “Hi, welcome back! How was leave?”.  It was nice.  Then the CSM gets in and I call “At ease!” for him.  He welcomes me back then tells me he wants to talk to me about my future as soon as he gets back from running out to the range.

If you think that sounds ominous, you would be thinking what I was thinking.

So I wait and he finally gets back and calls me in to his office.  Here’s the low down: I’m not getting my job back as the admin assistant.  Instead, I’m becoming the Operations NCOIC for Bravo Company.  Mind you, this slot is usually held by an E-6.  I’m an E-4.  The CSM asks me to hear him out.  He tells me that the reason he’s moving me over there and not the girl who was subbing for me is because he knows that I’m a fast learner, able to work with very little direction and no supervision, and he thinks that I can handle the task.  He told me that my sub “is good, but… well… she’s good… but she’s not you, Horst.”  That made me feel a little bit better.  He also said the main reason he was keeping her is that she has longer left in Korea than I do (because of my discharge) and he didn’t want to lose the admin assistant at the same time he retires (July) because that would not be cool for the incoming new CSM.

I start this new job Wednesday.  I guess I’m not actually switching companies (Bravo Company isn’t authorized my MOS), I’m just being tasked out.  I haven’t really decided if I’m happy about this or not.  I really loved working for the CSM and the command group, plus I won’t be around my buddy D and the CSM’s driver Suh anymore on a daily basis (which sucks).  It is flattering that the CSM thinks enough of me to give me this opportunity, though.  I’ve worked with Bravo’s 1SG a lot in my duties and when I talked to him today he was very excited to hear I was coming to work with/for him.

Good?  Bad?  I guess we’ll see.  Catch you on the flip side.


4 Responses

  1. yeah they are probably just trying to get rid of you… i mean congratz on kicking so much ass. yes that is totally what i meant to say.

  2. If that man had a real brain he would send her to be perma DFAC, get a new assistant, give Sgt Hedges to Bravo, and give you to us for Training NCO

  3. I appreciate the sentiment, Crystal, but I respect the CSM and his decisions… even if I don’t like it. I may be “broke”, but I’m still a soldier.

    Not a bad suggestion, though. 😉

  4. It is like we are on vacation in HQ Plt cause she is not here…….. I wish we had you then Sgt Matthon would be PSG instead of that shemale.

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