I Just Keep Moving Up…

…or at least the Army wants me to think I am (and that they’re doing me a service). So during an exercise today, I not only performed my duties as Ops Sergeant and sat and listened to a dead radio net all day, but I ALSO got to do the job of the company XO (of which one we do not actually have at the current moment)! Forget the other lieutenants we have in the company, they were busy with their own platoons.

I know, let’s make SPC Horst do it! He’s a fine upstanding high-speed kinda soldier! I’m sure he’ll do a great job! Wait… what? He’s never ever done anything like this before? Oh well, he’ll figure it out.

14 hours of this mind-numbing monotony. Then, when I did (or didn’t do) something I was not supposed to do, it was “let’s talk down to the specialist” time. This also included if someone else didn’t report in to me. That’s my fault (because I knew they were suppose do… *rolleyes*). Of course, this was usually followed with, “but don’t worry about it, you’re doing great!”

I think I’m starting to hate my job, and that makes me sad.

Catch you on the flip side.

P.S. I’m also cranky because I have to go to the dentist tomorrow. At least I get to go by the TMC and pick up another prescription afterwards…


One Response

  1. Aww….. my poor baby….. Just wear the sexy hat and I hope it will cheer you up. If not then I can try to remember what room you live in…… it is on the third floor somewhere…… Oh well, my signal guys will tell me where. ^_^ XOXOXO

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