Medical Update… NOT

I am SOOOOOOOO pissed right now!

So I had my little trip down to Yongsan and the 121 hospital to see my appointed ortho-doc and show him the notes my ortho-doc I saw at home wrote about my knee.  My PA hoped that he would make the recommendation to start my medical board for discharge.

Nope.  This clown says he thinks I have tendinitis.  He also said that’s what he thinks I’ve had FOR THE PAST YEAR!!!  I kept describing my pain (as he was doing another knee exam) as where he was pushing, but deeper.  Apparently he missed that last part, because he kept insisting that where he was pressing was a tendon.  I asked why I didn’t have swelling if I have tendinitis.  His answer: well, you don’t always have swelling.

So then he states that he’s not giving me another prescription for more pain pills, but he’d be happy to give me some anti-inflammatory meds.  I explain to him that I took those (of different varieties) for a few months and nothing helped with the pain until I started taking the narcotics.  I also explained that THAT was another reason my ortho-doc back home thought it might be neurological or nerve damage.  Hell, when I told my old PA here that, he said that this doc I’m seeing now will probably recommend a trial of this medicine that is specifically for nerve damage!

Nope.  This quack insists I have tendinitis, and that my resting behind a desk for the past year and doing no PT has not been long enough to help it heal.

Before I left the hospital, I made an appointment to get a second (well… I guess it’s third, now) opinion, and it happens to be with the head of the ortho department.  It’s not for another two weeks, though, so I hope my PA gets back from this class she’s in before then so I can run all this crap by her.  I doubt she’ll be happy.

Catch you on the flip side.


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  1. Hun, she will be back on Fri.

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