Happy Memorial Day Weekend to Me!

Well, it’s another 4-day weekend here in sunny South Korea. The birds are chirping, the trees are budding, and Indiana Jones is waiting for me down south! My good buddy SGT Jang got himself, D, and I tickets for Monday afternoon! I can’t wait. Keith went and said it was a lot of fun. I expect nothing less out of Indy. To show my support, I’ll be going and wearing something similar to this… only with upgraded gear. 😀

I’ve got better pants and satchel, and of course my official Adventurebilt Fedora! I’m so stoked! It’s gonna be great! (As a side note, this is the first film I’ve ever actually dressed up for… even being the Star Wars fan that I am. Jedi are cool and all, but Indy is an American icon!)

So I just finished Battlestar Galactica: Season 3. Lots of revelations at the end of that one, let me tell you! I wasn’t too surprised at who turned out to be cylons. I’ve got the first several episodes of season 4 downloaded already, so I’m about to start watching them soon.

I got a new toy this past Friday, too. It’s a 235+ lumen LED replacement bulb for my SureFire G2L. I’d turn it on and take a picture of it to show you how bright it is, but you’d go blind just reading this post. This thing puts out such a concentrated beam of light it’s like someone turned on a lightsaber! SureFire also has these super cool new hearing protection ear plugs that I want. They’re like a million dollars (ok, not quite… more like $700), but they’re awesome! They fit and work similar to a hearing aid – they enhance quiet sounds while reducing dangerously loud sounds, the whole time being near-custom fit in your ear canal. They can even be calibrated (by a professional, of course) to pick up on certain frequencies if you’re hard of hearing in that range. SureFire calls them Fox Ears(TM). You guys know my birthday is coming up in June, right? Take up a collection… What can I say, I’m a bit of a [picky] gear junkie. 😀

Anyways, change of tempo and topic here. What with the election coming up later this fall, I’m trying to decide if I should buy a FN Five-seveN pistol just in case there is another “assault weapons ban”. I’ve already got the PS90 and a ton of ammo, so why not, right? Seriously though, it’s a possibility from any of the candidates, and that’s just sad. I should probably look in to buying an “evil black assault rifle” too. I’m thinking a DSA FAL. Of course, with DSA I have to pay and put my order in, then wait for them to actually build the thing. I’ve got one hell of a design in my head for one, though. *sigh* Choices, choices.

Now, don’t let this make anyone think that I’m just squandering away my money. I’m putting a hell of a lot of cash in my savings out of each paycheck. I took the financial advice I was given when I got here to Korea and ran with it – I’m putting six months’ base pay into savings, and I’m just about half way there. I am also, however, wanting to take the financial advice I just learned from a NCO brief that I (and all the other E-4s and above) was required to go to the other day – do not spend money on anything that does not forward your goals in life. Well guess what? Having guns that the MAN (I think I’m technically part of the MAN right now, but I digress) doesn’t like is on my list of goals! I think I should clarify that statement. I am not actively seeking to “defy” the MAN, it just happens that the firearms I like are the ones that would most likely be on the list of “evil assault weapons”. I’m open to suggestions. The FAL will cost about twice what the Five-seveN would, but I did just buy a carbine (it’s in the longarm class for me), so maybe I should switch out and get another pistol. I appeal to the masses. What say ye?

Catch you on the flip side.


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