Great day… weird ending.

So, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was, as expected, AWESOME!  I had so much fun watching Indy on the big screen!  I, as promised, was decked out in full Indy apparel (I’ll post pictures in the next day or so) and got several good comments from Koreans and Americans alike.  My buddy SGT Jong translated some comments he overheard, too.  He said some people were commenting on how cool I looked.  Take that!

Anyways, so we’re on the subway headed back home tonight, and this old Korean man sits next to me.  I’m at the end of a row and D and Jong are standing in front of me.  We’re all talking, and then this guy says (loudly), “Hello!” and then makes shushing motions at us.  Mind you, we were NOT the only people talking in the car.  I look at him, fairly dumbfounded, then continue my conversation with my buddies.  A few minutes later, he does it again, and rattles off something in Korean.  Jong replies back, and this guy shuts up for another few minutes.  Meanwhile, we keep talking.  Then it happens.  He reaches over, lightly smacks my jacket sleeve, yells “HELLO!” and goes to start making a shushing motion again.  I snap my head around and yell “ANI!” at him, which is “NO!” in Korean.  He looks at me like I just slapped him and starts to holler in Korean at Jong.  At this point, the whole subway car is looking over at us.  We did notice, however, that they were not looking angrily at us, but at this crazy old guy who was yelling and waving his arms about.  He does this for several minutes while SGT Jong replies back to him (keeping his voice level).  D and I are just staring this guy down waiting for him to hit me or something (I wouldn’t have put it past him).

After this crap ends, one of the other Korean men standing nearby looks at me, smiles sheepishly, and motions to the old guy.  Then he makes the universal “crazy” symbol by circling his finger beside his head, and then grins at me.  He got off at the next stop, nodding his goodbye to us.

Jong told us later that he was basically arguing that we were being too loud and he wanted us to shut up completely.  Jong told him no, and this guy didn’t like it (apparently). He kept looking over at me angrily, and I (being a stubborn American) starred right back.  He didn’t like that, but he turned away.

What a night.  Oh… I also saw two Korean midgets.  First I’ve seen since I’ve been here, and then two in one day.

Catch you on the flip side.  Go see Indiana Jones!


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  1. RH,

    Good stuff. I found your blog checking out random Indiana Jones Reviews on Addict-o-Matic ( ). And then started trying to figure out where in the world would someone dressed as I. Jones would have to stare down a crazy Korean guy on a subway. I first thought you were in NY City. Then of course a little more reading leads me to see you’re halfway around the world in R.O.K.

    Whoo… Flashback city. I was stationed in Yongsan almost 30 years ago. Itaewon, The 121, Camp Casey, Hovey, CIF, etc– a flood of memories washes over the old levees.

    I guess I knew we were still there, but started wondering why? Can’t the Koreans take care of themselves. Anyway, the subway references really threw me. I think they were just starting to build them back then. The idea of taking a subway north towards Casey from Seoul seems slightly strange. Back in the day there were only buses and the roads weren’t all that good.

    I extended a year and was also at Chunchon and Humphreys – so lots of bus time.

    Haven’t got to read everything, but that stinks about the knee. Just had a torn meniscus repaired last year – that pain was in the back of the knee. Even with that work I’ve got other stuff that will turn me into ‘House’. We could start an Int’l House Society – cranky limping guys with a tude.

    “Hang on tight, spur hard, and let her buck.”

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