Mutt’s Motorcycle

So anyone who’s seen the new Indy movie (or even a trailer) should know that the character “Mutt” rides a motorcycle (he’s a greaser, after all). He’s always fiddling and tinkering with it during the movie and even states to Indy that he likes to fix motorcycles. Well, now we know why he was doing all that tinkering and had to learn how to fix his bike… he’s driving a Harley Davidson! LOL!

The disc brakes visible in the movie are a dead give-away (amongst other aspects) that it’s a new bike made to look old, but hell, that’s not the only anachronistic thing we’ve ever seen in an Indiana Jones movie (the gas mask bag he uses as a satchel didn’t exist at the time of the first three films). Still, this guy Kell did a pretty good job at making it look old.

EDITED: As promised, here’s a pic of me in my gear next to one of the Korean Indy posters.


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