It Begins

So, Comrade Barack Obamaski has cinched the Democratic party nomination.  I keep reading how “historic” this is since it’s the first time that a black man is a major party presidential candidate.  Guess what?  Had Hitlerly won it would have been “historic” too since it would have been the first time a woman would have been a major party presidential candidate.  Woo hoo.

If they really want to win, I think now it’s going to come down to how well the Democrats can pull their party back together after all the poo-slinging they did and negative media they got.  I seriously think that they shot themselves in the foot more than they helped themselves with all this “he said she said” crap.  Of course, I hope they don’t win.  Not that McCain (sorry, couldn’t think of a clever play on his name) isn’t a Democrat in sheep’s Republican clothing, but I at least wouldn’t feel quite so afraid of another “Assault Weapon Ban” being approved if he wins.

As is stands now, I’ll be very curiously watching the upcoming elections to see what the polls are saying.  I’m also pricing some firearms that I think are likely to be on the big bad list, just in case.  I suggest anyone with the means, even if it’ll make you a little financially strapped for a while, to go ahead and buy at least one high-capacity handgun and possibly a semi-automatic, magazine-fed rifle, both with several high-capacity magazines each.  I am seriously looking for myself.

Catch you on the flip side.


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