For the Non-Believers

For those who don’t believe that the whip is or can be used as a weapon, watch this video clip that a French tv show did with Anthony DeLongis, the man who gave Harrison Ford his whip refresher training for Indy IV. Most of the video is in French, but there’s enough English (since Anthony doesn’t speak French) that you can tell what’s going on. Anthony is a HUGE believer in the ability to use the whip as a defensive and offensive weapon as long as you understand it’s strengths and weaknesses and know how to compensate with your own tactics. This is just one example video. There are several clips of him taking on multiple opponents with the whip. He’s one bad mo-fo.

For a little bit of reference material, here are two whips that are made specifically with defensive/offensive purposes in mind. Peter “The Whip Man” Jack’s Latigo-y-Daga whip (which I own) and Victor Tella’s Viper Bullwhip (which I am very interested in owning). Both of these guys are quality whip makers and know what is involved in making a useful no-nonsense defensive bullwhip.

Catch you on the flip whip side. 😀


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