Punisher: War Zone Teaser Trailer

Ok, so here’s the new teaser trailer for the upcoming new Punisher movie.

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Me, I don’t really know what to think.  I loved The Punisher with Thomas Jane.  He was one bad mo-fo and played the part EXTREMELY well.  So why didn’t he return for this?  I’m guessing the dialog and some of the crazy non-realistic stunts that Frank seems to pull in this one (dual wielding while hanging upside down from a chandelier?  Boondock Saints meets John Woo, what?)  I’ll see it, of course, simply because it’s The Punisher and I love The Punisher, but I’m not getting excited about it, sadly.

Oh well, catch you on the flip side.


3 Responses

  1. Actually your a bit misinformed here

    TJ backed out because he had conflicts with the studios (I agree he did good in the 04 version, but the movie as a whole was very unpunisher and overall unsatisfying) and eventually backed out when the studio refused to let his vision of castle (out of touch psychopath) come true. ‘

    The script that was used for the new movie has nothing to do with the script hensleigh and tj were going to use. After TJ left the studios decided to start fresh and picked up a new up and coming director by the name of lexi alexander (please visit http://www.lexialexander.com for her latest awesome blog entry). Lexi wrote a new, extremely violent script for warzone. Ray stevenson (rome) who is already one of the most amazing actors no one knows about, helms the punisher role this time. The new script stays true to its comic origins (mostly MAX and warzone) and even LOOKS exactly as the comics did.

    Keep in mind also this is a teaser, not full, trailer. All dialogue comes comes directly from the comics, so if your such a huge fan you should be happy about the teaser. I understand your concerns but this is just a little showing of action to come. Read lexis blog, youll understand more


  2. Thanks for the clarification, Andy. I appreciate it!

  3. No problem. Head over the the boards on IMDB if your interested, quite alot of trolling but good fun none the less

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