Larry Correia – The Man, the Myth, the Legend

Ok, for those who don’t know, Larry is the guy who wrote Monster Hunter International, which is just about the greatest work of fiction about monster hunting in today’s day and age that ever was (you can read the first chapter for free on his blog, here – CLICK ME).  Now, what you may not know is that Larry is also a gun dealer based out of Utah and is devout in his beliefs concerning the 2nd Amendment and its associated human right.  Larry is extremely educated in the defense of The 2nd and frequently rips apart news articles and arguments that try to skew the mindset of the sheeple in America.  This is one instance where I felt the need to link to his blog so that others can enjoy his comments as much as I do regularly.  Here is his blog, NYT on the Heller decision.

Read it.  Laugh at the New York Times.  Go buy a gun.  Be responsible.

Catch you on the flip side.


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