My Four-Day Weekend So Far

So, I’m on another four-day weekend due to the celebration of our great nation’s independence.  Been pretty good so far, other than the crappy weather that feels like you’re walking into soup every time you step outside.  Seriously… soup.

You know what’s fun?  Being woken up in the middle of the night (2am) for a bed check formation (like what happened a week or so ago).  You know what’s MORE fun than that?  Having it happen again two nights ago, but it not even being your company!  I guess that’s the “con” part of the “pro and con” of not having to switch rooms, but living on another company’s floor in the barracks.

So guess who got preached to (at?) today on the subway train by an old extremest Korean woman?  If you said, “You, Ryan,” you’d be right!  She even went the extra mile and tried to get SGT Jong to translate for her.  That was all kinds of fun.  *rolls eyes*

We (Dietrich, SGT Jong, and I) did watch Hancock today down in Seoul.  It was a good movie and a lot of fun, I don’t care what the critics and ticket sale totals tell you.  I do have to say that one of the best parts, though, was the new preview for The Dark Knight that I hadn’t seen.  It looks freaking awesome (as if everyone didn’t already know that)!  Well, that, and I saw a preview for Nim’s Island.  I wanna see that, too.

Don’t laugh… it looks cute.


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