Monsoon Season is Here

It’s been raining like cats and dogs (what’s that even mean?) here for the past three days. The water level in our river that runs through post has risen three feet and is rushing by at something like 40mph. It’s pretty cool because in the mornings (when it’s NOT raining), there’s a fog wisping through the gaps in the mountains surrounding us. It’s really pretty cool. I wish my digital camera was good enough to capture a picture.

Anyway, nothing really interesting going on here lately. My platoon leader got promoted to First Lieutenant today. Apparently it’s customary for the promotee (sp?) to spend the difference between their old paycheck and their new paycheck on their company for like a lunch or dinner or some other party-type thing. Ours was today. It was fun. Not much else to say about it, but it was a nice break from the norm (especially after a long training meeting).

Only about a week left until I get to pick up my new suits! I’m very excited. I had two two-piece suits, two-three piece suits, a tux (with extra dinner jacket), and a dinner jacket all made for me. All of them are 30’s style. I’ve tried on one of them so far (the tailor wanted to make sure he got my measurements right), and it looks AWESOME on me if I do say so myself. Both Dietrich and Keith both agree that these style suits (30’s) will look very good on me and compliment my personality well.  I’m headed down to Seoul this weekend to pick up some ties – both neck and bow – to go with my suits.

There was some soldier I had never met before in the tailor shop with me while I was trying on my suit. When I put on my [Indy] beaver fedora to see how they looked together, he said, “All you need is a Tommy gun, man.” I just smiled and replied, “Indeed.” I was actually surprised that he recognized the era that the suit was from. My guess is he’s seen The Godfather or some such.

To go with (over top) my suits in the winter, I had my grandfather’s old olive-drab military (Marine) issue wool 3/4-length trenchcoat that he gave me completely replicated in a thick wool-cashmere blend. It’s a dark charcoal grey color and is VERY heavy. I can’t wait for it to get cold just so I have an excuse to wear it! I’m thinking of having another one made that is a little longer, but without the militaristic look to it. Maybe something similar to what Tom Hanks wears in Road to Perdition. Not that my coat won’t go with my suits anyway, but one can never have too may coats/jackets.

Catch you on the flip side.


2 Responses

  1. I like the idea of the suits. Hope I get to see you in them sometime – I bet you look dashing. I’ve always wanted Trey to be in an “old style” suit…. pin stripes… yes.. thatd be nice.

  2. Email sent. 😀

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