Me at the DMZ

So yesterday I was able to take a trip with some people in my company to the DMZ.  It was a very very good trip.  I honestly believe that anyone stationed here should take it, if not for any other reason than to gain a new respect for why they are here in South Korea.

Most of the actual DMZ tour was done while in a military bus with tour guide pointing out sights via the intercom.  We drove right by the border where the guards from both countries stare at each other day in and day out.  We saw the Bridge of No Return.  At one point, we were at guard tower that is surrounded by North Korea on three sides.  From this tower, we can see the North Korean “Propaganda Village” with the world’s tallest flagpole (160m) that flies a 600lb. North Korean flag.  No one lives in this village, though.  It was built solely to broadcast propaganda about how great Kim Jong Il is and to make it appear as if N. Korea was a prospering paradise.

We also visited Tunnel 3, which was a tunnel that N. Korea was constructing so that they could infiltrate S. Korea.  Upon completion, it would have allowed 10,000 soldiers an hour (or thereabouts) to come through into S. Korea.  Of course, it was caught, and put and end to.  It was still neat to see, but a pain in the knee to go down and come back up.

Over all, it was an awesome trip.  We left around 0800 and returned to post about 1600, but lunch and travel time it was really only about four hours of touring.  It was till worth the money to go (or would have been if I would have had to pay).


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