Straight from the ass’s mouth…

…or is that “horse’s mouth”?  I always get those two confused.

Obama admits his Muslim faith

Doesn’t get much more plain than that, now does it?  The reporter even had to correct him because he didn’t realize what he’d done!

But you know, there are still gonna be some blind sheeple that claim he’s a Christian and that this one Freudian slip doesn’t proove anything.  I mean, I don’t know about you guys, but I all the time mistakenly say I’m Muslim when in fact I’m a Christian.

Keep your powder dry and keep praying this turns out ok.  Catch you on the flip side.

EDITED: Ok, just to be fair, my good buddy Keith said I should check out the full 2 minute clip of that portion of the Obama interview in question.  I did, and I stand by my opinion that while they were talking about McCain having not questioned Obama’s faith, it was still quite a “slip up” to say your faith is Muslim instead of Christian.  Sure, people screw up in interviews with facts all the time, but not usually (read: ever) when the fact is about yourself.  He’s done this sort of thing too many times.


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