Medical Update… Not What You Think

So for the past several days, I’ve been having this horrible pain in the left side of my face and neck – the muscles in my jaw and under my jawline, my teeth/gumbs, and my ear.  It’s been a pretty horrible few days.  What’s wierd, though, is that today I woke up and the pain wasn’t there as much as a migraine was.  Then I found out about the other effects.  I tried to walk to the bathroom and about busted my ass… twice.  I was dizzy, a little nauseous, and felt like my skull was about to split open.  I was also quite confused, which is a new one for me (and not one that I liked).  I had to speak slowly and literally think about every word I said before I said it, and I wasn’t understanding a lot of what people were saying because I couldn’t process it.  So after lunch (and another horrible dizzy spell), I decided to go to the aid station.

Come to find out, I had a low-grade fever (that didn’t go down when they gave me medicine) and my left eardrum is inflamed and sunk in to my ear canal so far that it’s pressed up against the bones in my ear and they’re visible.  The doc put me on quarters for the rest of the day and gave me a bunch of antibiotics.  He said it’s probably something viral, so to take an easy the rest of the week.

Anyways, hope this stuff works, because I’m tired it!  Catch you on the flip side.


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