Obama + ACORN for the [fraud] win!

So… is anyone actually surprised at the fact that ACORN has produced fraud voter registrations to assist getting votes for Obama?  I mean, Obama did work for them as a “community organizer” (which is apparently one of his big qualifications as to what makes him presidential material).  Who knows just how far this has gone and how screwed up the voting scene has gotten now because of this.  Of course, Obama has publicly distanced himself from this so-called “distraction”.  He doesn’t want to deal it with it until after the 4th of November (if he deals with it at all).  I can see some Al Gore, Florida-style recounts coming in November.  Something tells me that Guy Fawkes day this year may just be made memorable here in the U.S. of A., too.  Can you say “riot”?

Keep your powder dry.

P.S.  Not necessarily on topic, but why exactly hasn’t Obama shown his birth certificate to a judge yet?  Me thinks he’s afraid doing so will actually prove he’s not a constitutionally viable presidential candidate.


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