Guess who got quoted?

That’s right, yours truly got quoted in the Stars and Stripes newspaper for an article.  Check out the whole article here:

U.S. servicemembers stationed abroad follow election results

Here’s my little portion of the article…

Not everyone was feeling those good-time Obama vibes.

Spc. Ryan Horst said he’s a big believer in the Second Amendment and is worried that government will swing to the far left on gun issues.

“I’m very afraid for the next four years,” Horst said.  “I’ve never been this concerned, ever… God help America.”

For those that are curious, the interview was held at the Camp Casey food court just after the election results had aired on the tv.  I was standing there basically slack-jawed with a look of disgust on my face and muttering to myself about all the enthralled sheeple hanging off of the Obamessiah’s every word (“Yes we can…”).  For the life of me I can’t remember the reporter’s name, but he was sitting off to the side and I heard him say to the sergeant sitting next to him, “That guy’s got an opinion, I’m sure of it!”  Haha.  After he asked me if he could interview me, I basically let him have it about how I felt about the election results.  Afterwards, he said, “Man, I feel like I should buy you a beer or something…”  LOL.  He was really cool, and unless I’m mistaken, pretty sympathetic to my opinion.

Anyways, I honestly didn’t expect to see my name in newsprint, so I’m pretty surprised.  I’m glad they took the quote that stood out the most in my mind, too, though.  I said a lot in the interview, but he got the point that what I was really concerned about was my rights (and yours) as a gun owner.

Keep your powder dry.

EDITED: Oh, I didn’t even see this.  I was quoted twice, but the second quote is only in the physical paper.  On the sidebar titled, “What is your sincerest hope for the new administration?”

I’m hoping it’s not as bad as I expect it to be.

Spc. Ryan Horst

27, of Martinsburg, W.Va.

Camp Hovey, South Korea

Pretty cool!


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