Join the NRA

For the past several years I’ve been an annual supporter of the National Rifle Association.  The reason for this was, in the past, I was unable financially to do more.  Well, financially able or not, I just took what I believe is an important motion and step to help secure my… and your… Second Amendment right.  I am now a Distinguished Life Member of the NRA.  This title is reserved for persons over the age of 65 and for disabled veterans.  Of course, you know which category I fall into.  I’m not out yet, but I verified through a NRA customer service representative that I was allowed to purchase that particular membership.

Now, more than ever, Americans across the country need to stand up for their rights.  Not just the Second, but all of them.  An unexercised right is a right easily confiscated.  There’s a reason that the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is second only to the Freedom of Speech.  Our forefathers knew that without this right (the RKBA), all other rights cannot be defended against a tyrannical government.

Some may say that even with freedom-loving citizens bearing arms, there is no standing up against the forces of the United States military.  I say those people are naive at best.  Any educated American can look at history, both past and present, to see that overwhelming numbers and military hardware does not always guarantee success on the battlefield.  A war to defend freedom will not be fought in open field or desert, but house to house, just like what is happening to our forces right now in the Middle East.  Yes, we’re “winning” slowly but surely, but if the same war was being fought here on American soil, I highly doubt that it would have the full backing of our military leadership.  Inevitably there would be some Company or Battalion commanders that would not follow the illegal and unconstitutional orders to disarm and round up and imprison law-abiding citizens.  That is where the resistance will start.  If it was one thing that Katrina taught America, it was that it’s citizens didn’t take too kindly to being disarmed and relocated.

I am not an anarchist.  I do not wish to start any revolution or sew any seeds of government contempt or treason.  I am, however, a person who believes firmly in individual freedoms and is not afraid to be vocal about those beliefs.

By joining the NRA, you are ensuring that your Second Amendment rights are being fought for, and have the security of knowing that while you alone may not be able to fight injustice, there is a group of liberty and freedom loving red-blooded Americans that will be taking to the fight for you.  Make your voice heard.  Stand up for your freedoms.  Card-carrying members of the NRA will likely be on any “hit list” as they will know that we will not tolerate our rights being trampled.  I will not go quietly into the night.  Will you?

Keep your powder dry.  Molon labe.


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