Rant (on)


You know what pisses me off?!  When you as a soldier are trying to get something done, and you know you’re coming down to a deadline, and your leadership SITS ON THEIR ASSES while you scramble about like you’re out of your mind.  You tell them weeks ago that you need this award typed up, and then you find out that it’s still not done and you’ve got like 4 days until you need it (two of those days being the weekend).  You ask them where this person’s orders are, and they finally give them to you TWO WEEKS after that person should have had them and started clearing, then… THEN have the audacity to tell you that it’s YOUR fault that this person hasn’t had time and gotten the chance to clear everything they need to, and oh by the way, they have to be out of here by next Tuesday.  Yeah, that’s all my fault.  They dropped the ball and it’s my fault.  The battalion S-shop personnel are all gone for a change of command, and it’s my fault that this person can’t get their clearing papers signed.  “You should have gone earlier”, they tell me.  Earlier, like when?  You mean when I was trying to get this person cleared of EVERYTHING ELSE they need to clear?  They just got their clearing papers last freaking Wednesday!  Is it my fault, too, that there was a four-day weekend this past week and NO ONE was open on Monday or Tuesday?  Probably somehow.



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  1. yep sounds about how things work in the civilian world. you tell the bosses you need something done or there will be a work stop and they ignore you then when work stops they come complaining to you saying you should have done something about it.

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