Hahaha, Larry Correia is awesome!

Check out this partial quote in his latest blog post:

I don’t know why in the world we could possibly assume that Barack Obama will do anything negative to the gun industry, despite the fact that the new attorney general was the #2 to the woman that waged non-stop war on the gun business for eight years, congress is run by a lunatic that wants to ban guns, Barack has said he wants to bring back the federal assault weapons ban, you can read the text of HR 1022 that didn’t get out of committee to see exactly what the democrat wishlist is, and the vice-president is the man that actually wrote the last ban…

Yeah… we’re just paranoids.  Silly, silly gun nuts.

So, so true.  He’s so much better at verbalizing what he wants to say than I am.  I mean, I try, but he’s made it an art.  Quotes like this are why I check his blog daily, and why you other pro-gun guys out there should too.  This is why I’ve added a link to his blog over on the left side of the page.  Go ahead and look.  See it?  It’s right there.  Go on and click it.  You won’t be sorry.

Keep your powder dry.


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