Medical Update… Ft. Meade style

So I finally got in to see my primary care manager (PCM) last week.  He’s a pretty cool guy.  He’s young, too, so I think that helps him keep an open mind more than the other doctors I’ve seen so far.  He put me in for a referral to the ortho doc down at Walter Reed medical center, whom I saw yesterday (it was a busy day).  The ortho doc, not so young.  He did the standard knee exam and asked questions about how it happened and what makes it worse, etc…  In the end, he said exactly what I told him he’d probably say, “I don’t know why you continue to have knee pain.”  Surprise, surprise, right?  He did type up my permanent profile with a recommendation to go ahead and start my med-board process, though.  He didn’t seem concerned that he didn’t know why I was in pain, he just went ahead and made the recommendation.  He also said that he didn’t recommend keeping me on Vicodin (oh yeah, I’m on Vicodin now.  I’m getting to be more and more like House), but when I told him I was open to anything else he wanted to try to give me for pain and asked him what he recommended, he said that he regrets he has no better option.  Doctors.  The only good (but probably unnecessary) thing he did was order me another MRI.  I told him it’ll probably just tell him the same thing the other two I’ve had did, but whatever.

I did go back to see my PCM today, though.  We talked about what the ortho doc said and discussed some other problems I have that I want looked at (some are not dinner-table talk, like my GI track stuff, haha).  He said that after I get my MRI (which probably won’t be until the first week in January due to my leave dates), we’ll see about getting me to a neurologist or rheumotologist (I probably totally screwed up that spelling) depending on what the results are.  He actually sounds like he wants to get to the bottom of my knee pain as much as I do.  He said that it just doesn’t add up, between my initial injury and the negative X-ray/MRIs and my chronic pain (and accompanying electric spasms) and having to walk with a cane, etc…  I actually left his office today feeling very happy and hopeful about my knee for the first time in a long time.  Maybe I’ll get an answer after all?

Keep your powder dry.


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  1. I still think you should get your knee replaced with a rocket launcher.

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