Well, it’s 2009

So how does everybody feel?  Me personally, I’ve been on leave for the past week and a half and feel like I haven’t enjoyed it the way I should have.  There were three things I wanted to do when I got back from Korea and got time to do:

1.) Shoot my new guns.  I’ve gotten to do this only partially.  So far, no firing has been done of my new rifles or shotguns, but my Five-seveN shoots like a champ!

2.) Ride my motorcycle.  Those who know me know I’m not that mechanically inclined.  I did everything that I could to figure out why my bikes would turn over but not start.  I charged the batteries, made sure the fuses were good, made sure the fuel was on, made sure the side-stand was up (safety feature on my bikes), drained the float bowls of old fuel and put new in, etc…  So far, nothing.  They’ll crank and turn over, but won’t fire.  I keep getting told that I’ll get a ride for my bikes to the moto-shop, but the one’s who’ve said this always find something else that is more important.  I’m just about to the point where I’ll pay the shop to pick up my bikes just so they can start getting worked on.

3.) Go to the Farm (Deer Camp).  Due to a family disagreement, there was no going over to the farm during New Year’s like we had been planning for the past couple months.  The Farm is my little get-a-way.  My fortress of solitude, so to speak (though there are usually always other people there, so not so much solitude).  A side benefit of being over there is that I get to shoot my guns.  See #1.

This whole situtation has only mildly offset my crankiness by the fact that I’ve gotten to spend a lot of time with my magical little baby almost two-years-old neice Avalynn.  She’s so freaking cute!  Other than that, I’ve not been too terribly impressed with my two weeks of leave.

And this is the month that the commies take over.  Happy Freaking New Year.

Keep your powder dry.


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