Countdown to Violation

So, here’s a fun medical update.  I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ve got some stomach issues.  I have ever since the last half of December of 2006 (I’ll give you three guesses what happened then).  It’s not usually as bad as my knee pain, though, so I don’t talk about it or mention it or think about it as much.  I did say something about it to my docs in Korea, but they pretty much brushed me off.  So I get here and mention it and BAM, I’m scheduled to see a gastroenterologist.  That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

So I had my appointment today with the tummy doctor.  He asked me a bunch of questions about where it hurts and what makes it worse and such (typical stuff), then did his belly punch thing while I was laying on the table.  Where I expressed pain I guess was somewhat concerning to him, so guess what?!  I get to be scoped from BOTH ENDS!  Fun fun!  I’ve gotta drink like four liters of crap the day before and they’re doing both procedures at the same time – top to bottom.  Between the drugs they give me, the lights in the procedure room, and the probes, it’s gonna feel like a regular alien abduction!

Yeah, so this all happens in two weeks.  While I’m not (obviously) looking forward to the procedure, it sure as hell does need done, because I’m sick of feeling sick and not being able to eat a lot anymore!  I like my food, damnit!

Keep your powder dry and your intestines clean.


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