Let’s talk Honey

So for lunch today I made myself a peanut butter and honey sandwich.  It was, as you might assume, delicious!  I’ve been eating these for YEARS.  I remember looking foward to lunch in school because the honey would have soaked into the bread and started to harden.  That’s the best!  Don’t forget a large glass of cold milk!

Something else I’ve always like is honey still in the comb.  Typically there’s only two ways to get this: either in a square plastic container that is nothing but comb (with the honey still inside, obviously), or in a jar where a chunk of comb is surrounded by honey.  Either way is good.  I’ve got a jar with comb waiting on me at home that my mom got me that I haven’t opened yet.  I don’t typically like chewy food/candy, but cutting off a piece of honey comb with a fork and chewing and sucking on the comb to squeeze the honey out has never bothered me.  Obviously, I don’t swallow the wax when I’m done extracting all the honey.  I’m pretty sure my digestive track has enough problems.

Since I’m talking about honey and mentioned candy, it’s only logical that I mention honey candy.  There’s a bee farm here in West Virginia, ThistleDew Farm, that has a website so you can buy all their products online.  I’ve gotten some of their honey candy in the past, and actually just ordered a few pounds.  It typically comes in a mixed box of flavors: honey, lemon, orange, apple, and cherry (I think), but I got lucky and when I called they said they had a few boxes of the individual flavors, so I just got honey and lemon (my favorites).  There’s nothing wrong with the other flavors, but I remember picking through the bag in the past and searching for those two, so that’s what I picked.

Anyways, I know this was kind of off the wall for one of my posts, but I really love honey.  It’s a great survival food because of the concentrated energy it provides, and it’s a great storage food because it never goes bad!  It’s got antibiotic properties, and it can be used to make the world’s oldest alcohol – meade.  And if Winnie the Pooh likes it, it can’t be all that bad, right?

Catch you on the flip side.


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