Had a fun weekend

Since I’m doing a little blogging, I might as well talk about my long weekend.

Of course, Monday being a federal holiday, we got it off.  I was planning on hanging out in Martinsburg, but with Valentine’s Day, pretty much everyone I would hang out with was occupied.  “So, what to do?” I asked myself.  A phone call later and I had plans to stay with my buddy Mark back in Fairmont!  I did stop in the Burg on my way home so I could give flowers to my mom, sisters, and niece, but then I headed straight for Fairmont.

It was good getting to see my friends again.  It had been a while, and while we didn’t do anything earth-shattering, we still had an enjoyable time.  Mark bought Mercenaries 2 for the PS3.  Let me tell you from first-hand experience… EVERYTHING in that game can blow up, especially with a well-placed tactical nuke.  Also, Mark can’t drive a motorcycle in that game to save his life.

Ryan 2.0 totally had an Obi-Wan beard going on.  It looked pretty cool.  I guess Josh was suppose to have been growing some facial hair, too, but apparently his girlfriend didn’t like the feel.  Silly girls not wanting their faces being rubbed raw…

I dropped off my signed 1st Edition copy of Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia for the guys to check out.  They all have expressed an interest in reading it, but since you can’t buy copies anymore at non-scalper prices, they were going to have to wait for the Baen edition from Amazon.  Well I couldn’t have that!

So even though I was in Fairmont on Valentine’s Day, I totally did not do any mischief.  This is most likely thanks to Mark, but I like to take a little credit for having a little control.  I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t hard, though.  I mean, how would you feel if you knew that a few miles down the road your wife was most likely screwing some other dude?  Yep, not good, that’s how.

Oh, and I also didn’t get to make an emergency run to Buckhannon for some peanut-butter filled crack donuts.  This has made me unhappy, however, my mother (whom is at our family cabin down in Helvetia) said she would stop by on her way home and pick me up a dozen.  Mom for the win!

Anyways, that’s my weekend in a nutshell.  It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.  Know what I took away from this weekend, though?  That if I ever win a free boat ride for three, T-Pain is totally going to be one of my choices.

Keep your powder dry.


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