Eric Holder said it, so it must be true

Obama to Seek New Assault Weapons Ban

I sure am upset that it’s America’s fault that Mexicans are shooting each other.  I know, let’s restict law-abiding American’s rights so that the country just to the south of us, whom we house more illegal immigrants from than any other, will feel all warm and fuzzy.  Wait… what?

And oh yeah, I read the other article linked in the one above about “sophisticated guns”.  Is a sophisticated gun a gun that wears a monocle?  Here’s a quote from the linked article:

“It’s virtually impossible to buy a firearm in Mexico as a private citizen, so this country is where they come,” said Newell.

What is so hard to understand about this – criminals don’t get guns legally!  Restrictions on law-abiding citizens dont’ deter criminals!  There’s plenty of black-markets to buy a gun from down there just like they do up here.  A criminal from down there that comes up here to buy a gun is doing so just as illegally.

Hey blue dogs, what’s your story now?  Should I just disregard what the head of the Justice Department says and say, “nah, that’ll never happen”? He’s not going to push his (and the Obamessiah’s) agenda at all, right?

Keep your powder dry.


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