Mole removal = core sample. Who knew?

So I had some moles removed today.  Three from the left side of my abdomen and one from my lower back.  I know there’s a couple different ways to do this, so I was curious how mine were going to be done.  The doc tells me, “We’re going to punch them out.”

Yep, “punch”.  Just like “hole punch”.

The numbing agent hurt like hell going in, but thank goodness it did its job because what he took wasn’t a little mole off my stomach, it was a freaking CORE SAMPLE!  I kid you not (I watched him do one), the things he took out of me were easily 1/4″ long!  He literally used a hollow punch to cut multiple little holes in my body, then removed the sample with forceps and scissors.

It really didn’t hurt at all, but damn if I didn’t bleed like I was shot when he took the mole off my back.  I was lying in a pool of my own blood by the time I was all stitched up.  Ironically, the one on my back doesn’t hurt now, but my abdomen ones sure as hell do!  If I wasn’t taking Vicodin already for my knee pain, I’d be S.O.L.  My mom (who had a few removed a couple years ago) said that they’ll be sore for a few days.  Awesome… just in time for the weekend.

Anyways, I should hear back in a week or two about whether or not there’s anything wrong with the moles I had removed.  I’ll report back then.  Catch you on the flip side.


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