My awesome weekend

Oh man did I have a great weekend!  I’m about to tell you all about it, so if you don’t care, stop reading.

Friday night I went to see The Watchmen.  I bought my ticket early in the week just in case it might sell out.  The theater was just under full capacity, though, so I’d have been ok.  Better safe than sorry, though.  I’ve read the graphic novel, so I pretty much knew the plot of the movie and what was going to happen next, but I was pleasantly surprised in some places.  I really enjoyed it the more I thought about it after seeing it Friday night.  While the graphic novel is better, this really was done I think about as well as could be expected.  If you see it, though, just be prepared: there’s a lot of blue-man-wiener and probably the most hard-corps sex scene I’ve ever seen in a movie outside of porn.  It’s also extremely violent and graphic.  Of course, none of that bothered me, but I don’t think any of those things were adequately represented in the trailers.

Saturday was a day of greatness.  In the morning I just ran a few errands to pick up some cleaning supplies for my firearms, then went and met my grandfather, mom and Bob at Bob’s late-sister’s house.  They were loading up a couch and loveseat to take to my sister’s trailer.  I brought KFC for lunch.  It was delicious, as usual.

After that I headed back to the house to do some gun cleaning, but on a whim decided to see if my bike “Outrider” would start up (it had been pretty resistant to my attempts a few weeks ago, and then had sat for two weeks).  I threw it on the quick charger for about 15 minutes, then put her on full-choke and pressed the ignition.  She fired right up!  I was so surprised, I just stood there for a minute waiting to see if it was going to shut down.  Not wanting to waste any time, I threw on my jacket (my Indy IV “Mutt” jacket, that is) and helmet and headed down the road.  I rode all afternoon!  When I google-mapped my route (from home back to home again), it said I drove 105 miles!  Not that far in the scheme of things, but the furthest I’ve ridden by myself.  I didn’t even get lost once!  Then again, I’m not sure you can get lost on a motorcycle… it takes you exactly where it wants to go.

That evening I rode my bike up to the mall to meet my youngest sister and then we went to Crazyhorse Saloon and Steakhouse with my other sister, bruver-in-law (yes, I said “bruver”), and niece.  It was soooo much fun.  I got the fried alligator tail as my meal (even though it’s an appetizer) and it was as good as I remembered it being from about five years ago.  The best part of the meal, though, was when I got my niece to come sit on my lap and I showed her how to crack peanuts.  She sat there for probably a good 45 minutes just cracking peanuts (or asking for help if she couldn’t get one) and throwing them shells and all on the floor (it’s one of those places where it’s cool to do that).

Sunday I rode my bike everywhere again.  I crashed a baby shower at the church.  Now, it’s not as bad as it sounds.  It was a friend of my sister’s, and she’s met me several times.  I showed up for the service and found her and my bruver setting up for the shower.  I just sorta hung out with them, and then when the shower started, was told I should just stay.  So I did.  The cake was good.  I ended up going back that evening with them to some 18-30 age group service thing.  The youth pastor spoke, and it was pretty good.  I wasn’t expecting much, so I wasn’t disappointed or anything.  There were some pretty cute single girls there, though, and it is partially intended for us to be able to meet people… I’m just saying.  Maybe I can find a woman that won’t cheat on me.

So that was my awesome weekend.  All in all I think I put about another 160 miles on my bike.  Hopefully this coming weekend will be equally as awesome (both event and weather wise).  I’m heading down to Fairmont to play some Star Wars RPG with the guys.  If everything cooperates, I just might ride my bike down there!

Keep your powder dry.


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